Marilyn Mays is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a background working with families and individuals in transition. Working with a diverse group of buyers and  sellers, Marilyn has helped her clients buy churches, short sale homes, and condominiums. She has worked to sell duplexes, investment properties, churches, and family homes throughout Portland and surrounding communities.

Marilyn's life experiences are varied and she brings a range of skills to the table as a real estate consultant.  She has been the Executive Director of non profit corporations, taught parenting classes and personal development workshops,  and has owned her own business for most of her adult life. She owns rental property with her husband, Matt Schiewe, and they are currently remodeling their own Mid-Century Marvel in Garden Home.  Marilyn and Matt have three children and one grandchild in their blended family. Helping buyers and sellers find their dream home is the perfect place for Marilyn to uitlize her talents and expertise!

A native Oregonian, Marilyn loves the variety of activities in Portland from theater downtown to a hike in Forest Park. A martial arts instructor, Marilyn knows the difference being a Black Belt(Shodan)has made in her life. She applies the martial arts virtues of discernment, flexibility, and strength of convictions to every aspect of serving you in your real estate venture.
What you can also expect from Marilyn

Honesty and Integrity
Patience and a Sense of Timing
Boldness and Courage
Strong work Ethic
She would welcome the opportunity to put these skills and talents to work for you as you choose your next home.

Call for a complimentary price comparison for your home with a plan of action for your steps to a sale! Or call for an opportunity to sit down and work out what you want in your next home.
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